Big Steps, Little Steps

I just started jogging again after a six-month hiatus. It is hard — I’m starting from scratch all over again, with only the vague memory that I was once able to do this. As with everything, though, the more I do it, the easier it gets.

It’s like writing. I need to make some changes to my latest novel. I know if I commit to doing a little bit each day, it will get done pretty easily. However, sometimes just getting started is the biggest battle.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” — Mark Twain

I read an interesting article on about the fastest way to make real change. One of the secrets is “to think smaller than small.” Don’t plan to jog around the block — just put your running shoes on every morning for five days straight. Don’t floss your teeth — just floss one tooth. The idea is that the one small step is not daunting, making it easier to take the next step.

I already floss my teeth, and I’ve already started jogging, so maybe I’ll try this approach with my novel. I’ll open a new Word document and just stare at the blank page….

I’ll let you know what happens.


2 thoughts on “Big Steps, Little Steps

  1. it is a god thing to learn: “baby steps.” even though one wants to charge ahead, it is wiser to one’s well being and confidence to do one rung at a time, esp. when climbing down the ladder, or splat. that wouldn’t be so good for you. like the simplicity of your post. it gets the message across succinctly. i think that is what has been making it difficult for me to face working on my screenplay. the outline needs to be reworked before i can convert it into index cards. the script from start to finish is all mapped out in detail. now i just need to break it down in order to see it better. so, “baby steps” it is. thank you.

  2. Thanks for your message! Too often we think, it should have been done yesterday. How overwhelming and discouraging. “Baby steps” is a good analogy.

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