The Paranormal in Pop Culture

You don’t have to look far to witness society’s fascination with the paranormal. From Harry Potter and the Twilight series to the many ghost-hunting reality programs on TV to shows like Supernatural, our love of the paranormal is practically ubiquitous.

One third of Americans say they believe in the existence of ghosts, according to a 2007 poll by the Associated Press and Ipsos. According to a 2005 Gallup survey, 41 per cent believe in extrasensory perception, 26 per cent believe in clairvoyance and 31 per cent believe in telepathy or psychic communication.

A few years ago I produced a documentary for television about people who work in the ghost business (ghost hunters, ghost tour operators, psychics/mediums). But my interest in the paranormal started long before that. As a kid, I remember my grandmother on my mother’s side shuffling Tarot cards and reading my palm, giving me messages “from the other side.”

I grew up with the paranormal. The paranormal was even kind of normal for me. So, it’s probably no surprise that, as an author, elements of the paranormal seem to seep into everything I write. The new novel that I’m finishing up has psychics, Tarot cards, palm reading, a haunted house and a ghost.

People have always been curious about the unexplained. It’s mysterious and it takes you away from the mundane every day.

The paranormal is this whole other realm where anything is possible.




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