The Time of My Life

For a school project I once interviewed my grandmother about her life. I still remember the answer to one of my questions. I asked, “What was the best time of your life?” She answered, “When the kids were little.”

I imagined my father and two aunts as little kids running around the farm where they grew up.

Now at age 94, I know my grandma’s answer is still the same. In nearly a century of living, the very best moments of her life were when her kids were little.

This story has stuck with a friend of mine whose daughter is five months old – the same age as my son Maks.

“What if these are the best moments of our lives?” She says.

If I live to be 100 and someone asks me the same question, I can imagine that I might very well answer the same way.

I believe that every time during our life can and should be the time of our life. But there is something truly special about the time when our kids are little… the life-changing event of seeing your newborn, the awe and wonder of watching your child grow and develop, the profound love and joy that only a parent can understand… there is nothing else like it.

They grow up so fast, people lament. It’s hard to believe that my son is already five months old. He is indeed growing up very fast. In so many ways, I’m trying to capture these early days – photos galore, videos, audio recordings, photo shoots, photo books, a journal, imprints of his hands and feet, a clipping of his hair, and images burned into my memory. But still I know that no amount of record-keeping will truly capture these incredible moments.

So I realized that the only thing to do is simply enjoy this time – these are the days to remember.