Never Before

A poem for my new baby Maks.

Never Before

Never before has a person loved
An ear, an eye, a mouth so much.
Ten mini fingers, ten tiny toes,
A chin, a shin, a sweet little nose.

And never before has one adored
A smile so much, an “ah-goo” more.
Your happy face, your furrowed brow,
Your sighs, your cries, I love them all.

Years from now, when you’re old and gray,
And you look in the mirror and look away,
Know that a person never loved
An ear, an eye, a nose so much.

And know that this love still follows you,
Wherever you go, whatever you do.


5 thoughts on “Never Before

  1. Hi Tina

    Beautiful poem. It took me right back to my first rapturous moments of being a Mum.

    (I’ve had quite a few since — along with some curious, serious, furious and incredulous ones over almost 30 years of being a Mum.)

    Anyway, thanks for the read, and enjoy this special time with your little one.


    Catherine Warnock

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