Shameless Self-Promotion

I attended an event this weekend all about marketing. One of the presenters, media and gossip expert Shawne Duperon talked about the importance of self-promotion. Scratch that. She talked about the importance of shameless self-promotion.

How many of us are truly comfortable shamelessly promoting ourselves?

When I worked at a charity in the marketing department, I had a boss who was superb at asking for free advertising space and other charitable donations. She was absolutely unabashed — completely shameless in her requests – and it didn’t bother her a bit because it was all for the charity. However, when it came to asking for things for herself, she had a lot more difficulty.

We have no problem promoting the latest movie or novel to friends, family or anyone who’ll listen. We don’t mind cheering on our friends’ ventures and achievements. We can even sing our company’s praises when we have to. But when it comes to shameless self-promotion, many of us are shamefully shy.

And yet, as entrepreneurs, artists or anyone who wants to move ahead at a company, we need to be our own best advocate.

Why is promoting ourselves so hard?

Duperon said that Canadians have a harder time than Americans at shamelessly self-promoting. Perhaps it’s our culturally ingrained need to be polite. We were taught that modesty is a virtue. As children and teenagers, we learned to fit in, rather than stand apart. We were taught to serve and help others, putting ourselves last. And, well, nobody likes a braggart.

But there’s a difference between bragging and promoting something you feel passionate about. It comes across differently, and it feels different to the person doing the promoting. When you truly believe you’re adding value to someone else’s life, promoting yourself becomes a whole lot easier.

This was a big lesson for me. Becoming comfortable with self-promotion was one of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome as a new author.

So, in the spirit of shameless self-promotion, I’ll tell you about my new children’s book. 🙂

Elffolk and the Crystal Caves of Atlantis is a fantasy–adventure novel for young readers (ages 7 to 10). A fast-paced read, it tells the story of two young elves, Enna and Nissa, in the mysterious crystal caves of legendary Atlantis.

Check out my website to learn more: The book launches the week of August 23.

Now… that wasn’t so hard!

Shawne Duperon’s website:


4 thoughts on “Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Thanks, Tina — good post. I’m not sure that I agree that this is more difficult for Canadians, though. Think about the two skill sets involved. The actual writing fits my personality well…. the promotion is a bit tougher. It makes me feel shy.

    What I find useful is to remember that this is not about me. I am fortunate to be able to do what I do. I write about topics that I have struggled with and handled in a manner that I believe will be useful to other parents. Parents who approach some of their issues in the manner I discuss tell me it works well for them, that their kids are more confident and that they (the parents) feel less guilty.

    That’s some motivation to stop being shy and keep putting the message out there.

    Please remind us what age group the elffolk is intended for?

    Thanks. Keep reaching out!

  2. I’m from the U.S. and it is very dufficult for me to promote myself. I don’t like bothering people. I’m trying to get over this. That’s why I’m on twitter promoting my blog…It’s easier for me…I don’t know anyone on twitter…I’m not face to face with anyone…people can feel free to follow me and checkout my blog and if they don’t my feelings won’t get hurt. It’s a safe place for me to network and do a little self promoting. Looking forward to your book, we’re big fans of elves and woodland creature stories. I’ll mention your book over on my blog closer to release date…just remind me! Good luck!

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